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Announcing: Fleet Engineers Acquires Save-A-Load, Inc


Fleet Engineers, Inc. has announced the acquisition of the Charlotte, North Carolina-based company Save-A-Load®, Inc. manufacturer of high quality cargo management bars for the trucking and transportation industries.

“Save-A-Load® has built an excellent reputation for responsive services and a commitment to quality by leveraging technology to deliver driver-friendly products,” said Wes Eklund, President of Fleet Engineers. “This acquisition will enhance the current cargo management solutions for our customer base, and we are thrilled about the opportunity to manufacture and distribute a new, high quality product that is unique within the market. We are poised for exciting growth and look forward to integrating the manufacturing expertise of Save-A-Load®.”

Fleet Engineers will maintain the Save-A-Load® brand name, while providing expansive marketing exposure by increasing the distribution network from thirty nationwide distributors to over two thousand. Save-A-Load® cargo bars will now become an integral offering of Fleet Engineers, Inc.

Save-A-Load® cargo bars incorporate a unique interior hydraulic cylinder pump which keeps the bars secure against the walls of a trailer, even as the walls experience the normal flex and yaw common during road transport. The hydraulics also have a pressure-limiting valve so that the operator cannot damage the trailer walls by over-extending the bars. Engineered for versatility and flexibility while combining lightweight materials and maximum strength, Save-A-Load® bars offer safe and easy operation, including a convenient one-hand release mechanism.

Cathy Littlejohn, VP and General Manager of Save-A-Load®, will remain with the company. “I’ve been working with the company since they started in 1994,” she says. “It’s a great product, it’s well engineered and well tested. With Fleet Engineers’ marketing and manufacturing efficiencies, we are going to see it achieve greater market share. We’re very excited about the future.”

Save-A-Load® offers a wide variety of heavy-duty bars, hoops and configurations, along with a lighter-weight stable of products for pick-ups and SUV’s. The products are available in a multitude of colors, and all are built so that parts are replaceable, thereby extending the life cycle of every bar.

For more than 50 years, Fleet Engineers has built a solid reputation for producing quality truck and trailer products designed to perform in the most demanding conditions. With manufacturing and warehousing facilities stretching across North America, Fleet Engineers designs, manufactures and distributes comprehensive product solutions for aerodynamics, door systems, spray control and truck and trailer parts and accessories.

Click here to download the official press release.