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Tramec Sloan

Manufacturing in Michigan, Ohio, and Kansas

Learn About the Various Manufacturing & Assembly Capabilities of Tramec Sloan

Tramec Sloan is manufacturing at each of our three locations in the Midwest. Each plant has it's own specialty and focus, utilizing decades of expertise to create top-notch parts.

Products from each facility come together to create our high quality 3-in-1 wraps. An electrical cable from Kansas and brass fittings on hoses from Ohio are combined in Michigan with finishing touches to create wraps with the custom features you're looking for.

Galion, Ohio

Ts Manufacturing2

The focus of this plant in Ohio is engineering and manufacturing brass fittings. We are constantly investing in new technologies to improve selection, quality, and efficiency to better serve the needs of our customers.

Holland, Michigan

Ts Manufacturing1

Serves as our Primary Distribution Center with additional light manufacturing space. Rubber hoses and coiled air assemblies are made here in addition to 3-in-1 wraps, electrical cables, gladhands, brass fuel caps, and more.

Iola, Kansas

Ts Manufacturing3

Iola is the original Tramec location and is home to the Sonogrip ABS and all things electrical including cables, plugs, and receptacles. Air brake valve assembly and rigorous valve testing is also handled at this plant.