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Fall Highlights 2022

Our Highlights bring you the best of the season! Here you’ll find a mix of product spotlights, news, tips, and more from Tramec Sloan.

Fall Into Good Habits This Autumn

Taking care of your air lines is good practice year round but it's especially important when considering the harsh winter weather ahead. Don't miss our coiled air line inspection tips below. Plus, check out what makes our SlideTrax fender mounts so simple!

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Coiled Air Line Inspection

Coiled Air Inspect

Inspecting your air brake lines is an important part of every pre-check process. Be sure you’re on the lookout for these common & preventable coiled air line issues.

Kinks in your air lines restrict and reduce air flow, affecting brake performance. Common spots to find kinks include the point at which the line is suspended as well as under the spring near the fitting on the gladhand end. Lines that are equipped with a handle or grip are less likely to kink.

Inspect the full length of your coiled air tubing for cuts, cracks, and wear. As coiled air assemblies age, the color will fade and the material becomes brittle. Hairline cracks are common and a clear indication that the air line needs to be replaced.

In most cases, a tracker bar and spring is needed to support your air and electrical lines above the deck plate to prevent damage from snagging and chafing. Excessive sagging is a clear sign of worn out lines. Be careful in winter because sagging lines can also collect water and freeze!

Tangled up air lines have a reduced working length and are the most common cause of breakaway failures. Your air lines need to maintain free movement so the full length can be during tight turns.

Download the full Tech Bulletin for more details and other issues to watch for!


Simply slide the high-impact, composite clamp into the desired mount location within the notched channel and lock it in place with a firm push. It couldn’t be easier!

SlideTrax is only available on our American-made composite Spray Master fenders: Single Radius, Double Radius, and Full Rounds

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Trailer Patches
  • Peel 'n stick patches are designed for quick field repairs on trailer panels
  • Aluminum patches feature a white finish
  • Cover holes or other blemishes with a shock resistant, weather-tight seal
  • Made in the USA!

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