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FleetSet Series 3

Introducing FleetSet: Premium Tractor-Trailer Connection Systems from Tramec Sloan

Now Available!

Tramec Sloan is pleased to announce the introduction of several new premium products as part of our Air Brake offering. We have responded to input from fleets of all sizes by offering new product designs and kit options that optimize air & electrical connection system performance.

  • FleetSet Series 3
  • X31G Hose Grips
  • X31HT High-Tension Springs
  • X31C Wide Body 3-in-1 Clamps!
Fleetset Logo Scene Feature


Tramec Sloan’s Series 3 FleetSet features upgrades that fleets demand and delivers performance that fleets deserve.

Fleetset Box Image

FleetSets are a complete air & electric tractor-trailer connection system that maximizes braking performance and lowers life-cycle costs. Easy installation right out of the box! FleetSets are packaged in a premium, easy-to-carry retail display box which includes all the components for a quick tractor-to-trailer connection:

  • Premium 3-in-1 Spiral Wrap with Red & Blue Hoses, Sonogrip® ABS Cable, Anodized Gladhands, and X31G Hose Grips
  • X31C Wide Body Clamp (2x)
  • X31HT Tender Spring (2x)

The FleetSet Series 3 features a 5-Year Limited Warrany for parts & workmanship. Visit for full details

Download the Series 3 brochure here or order copies in our Literature Library.


Fleetset Gladhands

Featuring anodized bodies with stainless steel hardware and poly seals, these gladhands offer superior corrosion & salt spray resistance in the most extreme weather conditions.

Fleetset Grips

The X31G hose grips are Tramec Sloan’s solution to prevent hose kinks. These flexible, oversized grips are ergonomically designed with the driver in mind. Optimized grip size maximizes connection leverage.

Fleetset Sono

For ultimate performance, choose Sonogrip. Designed for long-lasting, corrosion-free connections, the solid-molded plug body prevents moisture ingression and the ultrasonic welded terminals secure critical connection points. The uniquely angled “pistol-grip” design helps reduces cable stress.

Fleetset 9in Length

The Series 3 FleetSet 3-in-1 features an extended length ABS cable. The extra 9" of length on the trailer side provides slack to reduce strain on the plug and increase the lifespan of the cable.

Fleetset Spiral

Spiral wrapped hoses and cable are protected from chafing and other damage while being kept organized and tangle free. Plus, red and blue hoses make lines instantly identifiable along the full length of the wrap assembly.

X31C Wide Body Clamp

The composite constructed X31C 3-in-1 clamp features tool-free installation for the mechanic, a wide-body design for improved connection line securement, and a unique locking mechanism that eliminates the need for clasps, which are typically prone to failure.

  • Secures with the included wire-gated carabiner
  • Corrosion-free composite clamp body
  • Made in the USA!
  • Patent Pending

View the Fleet Sheet for more detailed information.

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X31C Wide Body Clamp

High Tension Tender Kits

Optimized for Straight-Line Connection Systems

Tender Kit Scene

An INDUSTRY-FIRST FROM TRAMEC SLOAN, the X31HT “High Tension” tender spring design provides optimized suspension and control performance for straight-line tractor-trailer connection systems.

SUPERIOR SUSPENSION PERFORMANCE: Heavy duty design eliminates “sag and snag” failures caused by weak, overloaded springs that are commonly found on connection systems. Our spring has a 38% larger diameter and 17% thicker gauge wire than competitor springs.

CONTROL PERFORMANCE: The X31HT provides reliable spring “snap-back” after vehicle articulation events, even after years of stretch-and-relax cycles. Incorporates optimized spring-steel that prevents “spring bounce” and the resulting “sawing” effect that damages the paint and finish on the back of the tractor cab, often leading to tractor body corrosion

EXTENDED LIFE: The X31HT tender spring-steel is galvanized prior to coiling to ensure exceptional corrosion resistance throughout the life-cycle of the spring.

View the Fleet Sheet for more detailed information.