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Precision Metal Stamping Services

We have the equipment and experience to deliver tight tolerance custom parts, cost effectively, in both low and high volume quantities

Our capabilities encompass many production techniques including single station and progressive die stamping, coining, and deep drawing. Having a full-service facility enables us to fabricate and maintain all tooling, allowing us to keep control over quality and costs. We work with aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and all types of steel, and operate coil- and bar-feed presses capable of up to 500 tons of force. Parts can measure as thin as .015” or as thick as .375”, and we offer many finishing options for complete start-to-finish production.

Our engineers and metallurgic experts are ready to assist with design and are capable of working in all popular CAD file formats. Stringent inspection and testing ensures that dimensional tolerances and material properties meet your demanding specifications. Our commitment to quality, reasonable pricing, and friendly, responsive customer service place us a notch above the competition.

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Penz Metal Stamping

General Capabilities

Contract Manufacturing, Custom

Production Method

Punch Press, Single Station Die, Multi-Station Progressive Die, Coining, Deep Forming


Coil, Bar, Strips, Pre-Cut Blanks

Stamping Features

Numbering, Annealed. Heat Treated, Pre-Coated


Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, High Strength Alloys


Painting (Black Dip Primer), Powder Coating, Electro-Plating, Heat Treating, Special Finishes

Part Thickness

Pull, Material Content, Hardness

Additional Services

In-House Tool and Die, Assembly, Design, Tooling

Production Volume

Small to Large Runs


Commercial Carwash Vacuum Cleaner Canisters, Door Frame Components, Door Holdback Parts, Door Latch Parts, Miscellaneous Job-Shop Stampings, Miscellaneous Racking and Shelving, Pullout Storage Units for Van Conversions, Seat Pedestals for the Bus Industry, Truck/Trailer and Container/Chassis Parts

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Recreational Vehicles, Transit, Railroad, Aerospace, Agricultural, Truck / Trailer, Home / Garden

Intended Application

Motorcycles, Go-Karts, Locomotives, Tractors, Silo Covers, Access, Ventilation and Compartment Doors, Container Chassis, Trailer Parts, Scales, Sinks and Tub Surrounds, Roof Hatches, Camping and Recreational Products, Carrying Cases, Custom Furniture, Decorative Rocks, Hunting Blinds and Tree Stands, Ice Fishing Sheds, Livestock Products, Material Handling Equipment, Parts Washing Equipment, Portable Outdoor Facilities, Quarter Fender Skins, Recessed Products, Totes, Toys, Carwash Vacuum Housing Tanks

Industry Standards

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

File Formats

SolidWorks, SolidCAM, Rapid Form XOR (3D Scanning), Pro Net, STEP / IGES