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Penz Products

Decades of Manufacturing Expertise in Indiana

Learn About Penz Products’ Vast Array of Manufacturing Capabilities and Experience

Penz Products began as a small tool and die shop in 1956, focusing on using quality materials and experienced workers to manufacture products at competitive prices. Over the years, the principle of “Quality Products for Quality Customers” has guided us to be a world leader in the truck and trailer and container and chassis industry, for both OEM and aftermarket applications.

At the end of 2021, Penz Products was acquired by Tramec, LLC which brought Penz into a family of established U.S. manufacturers, broadening and strengthening our collective capabilities and product lines.

• Dry freight, reefer and custom application of trailer vent doors using quality materials and precision manufacturing

• Complete line of landing gear components from sand shoes to braces to crank handles

• Container chassis securement devices, such as twist locks, handles, and pins

Plastics Manufacturing

Custom Thermoforming
Utilizing vacuum, pressure, drape, or preforming processes, we are capable of manufacturing zero-defect parts. We build our own patterns and molds in-house allowing us to deliver short lead times and cost advantages.

Thermoformed parts offer cost and weight-reduction savings over other manufacturing processes. Precision process control and repeatability of same-job setups ensures accuracy and consistency from one production run to the next.

Polyurethane Foam Molding
We offer value-added, quick turnaround prototyping and have been providing top quality polyurethane molded parts to global customers in the transportation, aerospace, and home/garden industries. Our self-skinning, flexible, and rigid parts exhibit superior aesthetics and structural integrity.

Contract Assembly
Discover the benefits our contract assembly services can bring to your supply chain. Our experience, knowledge, and large facility enable us to assemble products and components of any size to fully complete your production requirements. When quality and precision are important, our team-oriented solution will provide the care and attention to detail that your valuable products deserve.

Metal Manufacturing

Metal Fabrication
We offer precision metal fabrication services to customers in many industries, working with aluminum, steels, and high strength alloys in any raw material form, including coils, sheet, plate, pipe, tube, and bar stock. Production runs from small to large are all handled with accuracy and efficiency.

Metal Stamping
We have the equipment and experience to deliver tight tolerance custom parts, cost effectively, in both low and high volume quantities. Our capabilities encompass many production techniques including single station and progressive die stamping, coining, and deep drawing.

Metal Forming
Our well-equipped facility brings 21st century technology to a centuries old process and our press room is the backbone of our operation. We custom-build and maintain our own tooling, and employ highly trained and experienced technicians capable of executing simple and complex metal forming techniques utilizing punch presses, brake presses, and bending equipment.

Production Welding
As a full service solutions provider, we offer robotic and free hand MIG, TIG, and spot welding services for both small and large production volumes. Whatever your project requires, we have the skills and experience to meet your needs. Suitable for high volume output, our robotic cells offer fast cycle times, repeatable performance, and consistent weld quality.